Industry Excellence

Wilshire being the pride for our Nation has undergone different certifications from local and international organizations, some of them include ISO certifications limited to IMS. Different inspection teams from across the world have visited for inspection at our site and Wilshire was certified for Good Manufacturing Practices certificates from and for different countries around the world where we are in process of exports and providing quality medicines for curing humanity to improve the vitality of life.

Technical Collaborations & Business Partners

Wilshire is enjoying the technical collaboration with LaOriginale USA and Ferndale USA for its Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical product range where these companies are providing considerable technical assistance for our product range.

Industry Academia Linkage

We have been in collaboration with LUMS, IBA, UMT, Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) Saudia, Octara and many other renowned institutes for the purpose of learning and development for our employees.